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Mum and Dad - aka Louise and Barry. Blissfully married for more than two life sentences. Louise works for holidays and is also a domestic engineer. Barry is, in his beloved wife's own words, "an overweight, lazy slob" - you can't argue with that, can you? I (daddy) might add at this stage that the above photo, taken during a trip to the USA, mildly enhances my physique, although Louise actually looks very similar to the above, particularly when she is threatening me with a large knife. Barry was supposed to be some sort of PC boffin in a previous life but, now that his technical address is No.1, Jurassic Park, he retrained as a bookkeeper and is joyfully screwing up as many businesses as he can.

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Dani Sarah Charlie
Our eldest daughter Sarah is now married to Elliot and they're living in Israel with their dog.

Sarah is still hairdressing, among other things.

Charlotte, alias the COW, is our middle daughter. She's a lot like her daddy was as a child (Barry is an only child because he was a right little sod - in fact, his mother always said if she'd have had the dog first, she would never have bothered with Barry!) Charlie (she is definitely NOT a Charlotte) is always fighting with her sisters, and with anyone prepared to fight back, but she is very cute and is able to wind anyone around her little finger. She's currently working as a PA for a firm of liquidators and is considering resuming pursuing her singing career in her spare time.

Charlie's own Web Page (photos are really embarrassing!!)

By the way, you want embarrassing?

Click here (hyuk,hyuk!!!)

Danielle, or Dani as we call her, is the baby of the family. She qualified from Westminster Kingsway College with a Professional Chef Diploma and is now a junior sous chef at the 67 Club, Pall Mall but, when she was at nursery, she was known as "the old girl" because she was 3years old going on 90!! I have no idea where she comes up with the things she says, but she definitely has a very old head on her young shoulders.